Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The week in Bentos - Sept 2 to Sept 5

Its the third week of school and schedules are pretty much set. LG7 is getting regular homework and I make sure he does some additional revision work as well. I try and make up a schedule for his afterschooling work over the weekend. As of now, we keep to uncomplicated work like spelling, math work and handwriting.
More on that later.
We had a good week in lunches - everything came together easily and the kids finished all of their lunch ! Exactly what Mom wants to see :-)

On Tuesday, I packed spicy vermicelli with vegetables (shavige bhath), okra stir fry from the previous night's dinner, carrot sticks, apple slices and a homemade pineapple coconut mini muffin.

On Wednesday, the lunchbox contained tortillas with a mixed veggie filling (veggie paratha), ketchup in the small box, peaches, steamed and salted broccoli and a chocolate sandwich cookie.

On Thursday, LG7 got penne pasta with vegetables, carrot sticks, apples, a mini muffin and mixed raw nuts and dried fruits in the small box.

On Friday, I packed grilled sandwiches with peanut butter and banana, apples and blueberries, carrot sticks, mini muffin and goldfish!

Well, that was my week in Bentos. Hope you had a wonderful week as well.

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