Monday, July 25, 2011

Seventh Generation Diapers - A review and a giveaway

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When my first son was born, I was new to the US and even newer to parenting and parenting styles and options.I just went ahead with the diapers and wipes and other baby products that were available in the stores, happy with the convenience of all these products and blissfully unaware of the materials and methods used to manufacture the products. All I cared about was that my baby had no problems, he thrived and that kept me happy!
The second time around, having read a lot of blogs and news articles, I knew that I had a lot more options regarding the diapering needs of my baby and that I didn't necessarily need to depend on many of the advertised products in order to effectively care for my little one.I decided to include cloth diapers and cloth wipes in my diapering arsenal and then slowly increase the number of cloth diapers that I use throughout the day. I would still use disposable diapers when out of the house and at night times.So far its working well for me. That meant that I would have a little more leeway in terms of the kind of disposable diapers that I could keep on hand. Thankfully my little one isn't showing any kind of sensitivity towards any of the diapers that I tried (Huggies, Pampers,Luvs and even the Walgreen brand)

So when MyBlogSpark offered me a pack of Seventh Generation Chlorine free diapers to try, I was thrilled.I had seen Seventh Generation products at several stores where I shopped, but had never tried them before.
When I first opened the pack, I was really surprised at how unassuming these diapers looked.There were no fancy designs on them and no fragrance added.
When I used the diapers, they felt no different than the other diapers that I used and worked beautifully.My baby had no rashes and other than a little redness around the waist when I left the diaper on too long, the diaper did what it was supposed to do ! It held in all the messes and kept the baby's skin quite dry.
Added to that are the following facts about these Free and Clear diapers:
* These diapers do not include any chlorine processing, fragrances, latex or petroleum based lotions   
* They have a lighter weight core
* They have chlorine free wood pulp.
* Seventh Generation has also reduced the overall size of their diaper' plastic packages
All this ensures that no chlorine is released into the atmosphere and they contribute less to the overall landfill.

The only drawback that I see is the price. These diapers are slightly expensive as compared to the leading diaper brands on the market.But if you take advantage of sites like Amazon and the Amazon Mom program, you can get these diapers for quite a bargain.I think I am going to keep a few packs handy by doing just that so that I can use them along with my stash of cloth diapers to keep my baby free and clear of chemicals! 

If you have babies with sensitive skin (or even otherwise!), then these diapers are worth taking a look at.MyBlogSpark, along with Seventh Generation is making it easier for one of my readers to do just that by offering a full sized pack of free diapers!
All you have to do is leave a comment on the post sharing your opinion about eco-conscious baby products.Also please let me know what size diapers you would like.Please include your email address and note that the giveaway will run until July 31st 2011.
Have you tried the Seventh Generation Free and Clear diapers? What did you think about them ?

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The free product, information and the giveaway were sponsored by Seventh Generation through MyBlogSpark.The opinions, however are completely mine :)