In My Garden

So, the summer gardening season is underway and I have been very lazy about documenting anything at all in this space for quite some time. But since this space is meant to serve as a record of my amateur gardening efforts and results, I thought it was high time that I began the actual recording!
In any case, gardening in Texas is always dependent on the vagaries of the state's extreme temperatures. This season it went from 'too cold to set anything out' to 'too scorching to plant anything out' in a matter of days! It was probably my lack of preparation, but I did feel quite cheated!
As a result, things were planted a bit late.
Also, this time around, I am experimenting with the way I planted a few vegetables. I decided to see if I could grow bush cucumbers and determinate tomatoes in containers, which would free up my tiny veggie patch. The cucumber seedlings have established well, the tomato plants are struggling a bit. It remains to be seen if I will have any worthwhile harvests this year.
I am also trying long beans or asparagus beans in containers. They seem to be doing well so far.
Hopefully I will be able to document more regularly so that I can share my successes and losses. If you also garden, please let me know what you have planted this season! 

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