Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Week In Bentos : Sept 16 - Sept 20 2013

This past week, the thing uppermost in my mind has been organization - its importance in making life smoother and my lack in applying it to my own life recently. There are always so many things going on simultaneously : home , work, kids, their activities, their school work, your own hobbies , spending time with family, etc etc..unless there is some semblance of organization in place. In its absence, it wont be long before chaos and extreme stress make themselves known !! 
So...I am trying to be a little bit more in control of the time that is available so that I am not scrambling and rushing around just to get the dinner on the table on time. Menu planning , keeping the calender updated according to the activities of various family members, making lists are just a few tricks that I am planning to extensively use to make my life easier. 
How do you organize your life ? 


On Monday, I packed a PBJ sandwich, carrot sticks, whole grain crackers, peaches and raspberries and vanilla wafers in an EasyLunchBox.

I forgot to take a picture on Tuesday , but I packed a sandwich again, although I used a whole wheat bun instead of bread..

On Wednesday, LG7 got bow tie pasta with vegetables in the thermos food jar. In a smaller Lock and Lock box, I added carrot sticks, orange segments and a chocolate chip cookie.


On Thursday, I made spinach and corn quesadillas with ketchup, honey sesame sticks, grapes and raspberries and chocolate covered peanuts for a small treat.


On Friday, I made a kind of cheese toast, using whole wheat bread slices, ketchup, olives and two types of cheeses. I know it doesnt look very appetizing, but the box was empty so I guess it tasted better than it looked !

Now I am off to make a menu list for the coming week !!
Have a great weekend :)  

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