Monday, September 30, 2013

The Week in Bentos - Sep 23 to Sep 27

This past week, temperatures in North Dallas have been pretty moderate. The mornings are crisper,  afternoons are not sweltering (!!) and nights are significantly cooler. Looks like fall is almost here !
I will have to look up some cool weather dishes for the lunchbox soon.
Hows the weather in your neck of the woods ?

 On  Monday, LG7 had a sesame seed bagel (from Costco) with almond butter and honey, raspberries with an elephant pick, cantaloupe with a car pick and some sweetened pita chips.I packed his lunch in a box that I got at a local Japanese store.

On Tuesday, I used a two tiered bento box from AllThingsForSale. The lower tier contained vermicelli cooked with spices and vegetables (Shavige bhath). The upper tier had raspberries and cantaloupe pieces with an airplane pick .

On Wednesday, I packed sandwiches with peanut butter and  apricot preserves. I used a dinosaur sandwich cutter that I had purchased a long time ago. These dinosaurs have tiny blue eyes (tried to use dark colored sprinkles) and are not easily recognizable !! LOL I also added carrot sticks, apple slices, dried apricots, pepper jack cheese slices and a couple of vanilla wafers.

On Thursday, the lunch was packed in an EasyLunchBox container. I added bread and vegetable cutlets with ketchup, goldfish , sugar snap peas and red and black grapes with a soccer ball pick.
That day, LG7 came home with a slight stomach ache and fever. He hadnt eaten any of his lunch except the grapes and the goldfish.

Thankfully he was all better by Friday morning. I packed him a peanut butter jelly sandwich, raspberries with a car pick, apple slices with an elephant pick and a couple of yogurt covered pretzels.

Its always worrying when your child falls sick, more so when its sudden. I usually refrain from giving over the counter medicines immediately and prefer giving homemade remedies for colds and fevers and such. This has worked for our family so far. Our bodies are generally capable of healing themselves if given a chance !
How do you handle minor pains and illnesses, especially for school going children ?

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