Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Week in Bentos: Nov 4 - Nov 8

The past week went by pretty quickly. It wasnt as if I was occupied differently, but it definitely felt shorter. However, everybody is well, things went pretty much as I expected , so no complaints from me :-)
I have a few new pasta dishes and soups / breads planned for this coming week, so please come back and visit again ! Now for the lunches eaten last week :

On Monday, lunch consisted of vegetable pasta, apple slices and a homemade double chocolate muffin.

On Tuesday, the kid was out the door when I realized that I forgotten to take a picture of the his lunchbox! Goes to show that I still have to refine my morning routine so I have more time :) I "think" I packed grapes, apples and a sandwich.

On Wednesday, LG7 had an easy bowtie pasta with tomatoes and edamame, leftover potato fry, blackberries with an elephant pick and a pack of M&Ms from the Halloween stash. LG7 has been good about not gorging himself on candy, so he deserved a treat.

On Thursday, an Easy Lunch Box contained crispy grilled cheese sandwich halves, carrot sticks, grapes, blackberries and pretzels.

On Friday, LG7 took vermicelli noodles as requested, apple slices and whole grain crackers.
This week was pretty satisfactory in terms of the lunch eaten completely.  I realize that I can incorporate more vegetables in his lunch and am hoping to do that slowly and steadily.
How do you include more vegetables at lunch time ?
Have a great week !

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