Monday, November 25, 2013

The Week In Bentos: Nov 18 - Nov 22 2013

Its been really cold in our parts this week and bundling up as much as possible is becoming a routine that frankly, I am not looking forward to with pleasure. Dont get me wrong, I love all aspects of the winter season, well...most aspects..its just the bundling everybody up until we resemble eskimos in snowsuits that gets me down !!
So, lunch this week -

On Monday, I packed a raisin bagel, toasted slightly, smeared with almond butter and strawberry jelly, apple slices and whole grain crackers. 

On Tuesday, LG7 took bow tie pasta with store bought pasta sauce, a chocolate muffin, apple slices and whole grain crackers in an EasyLunchBox.

On Wednesday, I made spicy vermicelli noodles, apple slices and cheese slices.

On Thursday, I made a version of pizzawiches , using hamburger, buns, pasta sauce and cheese, slightly toasted on a pan until the cheese melts with ketchup on the side, orange segments and carrot coins.

On Friday, I didnt have much time in the morning to make something from scratch, so I just packed LG7 a standard PB&J, apples, blackberries and strawberries and cheese slices.

This  coming week, my kids are at home due to Thanksgiving break. So no packed lunches, but am definitely going to try out a few new recipes. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving holiday!
Keep warm and be thankful for all the bountiful blessings in your life :-)

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