Thursday, February 06, 2014

The Week in Bentos - Jan 27 : Jan 31 2014

As I sit here, typing away at my keyboard, it is snowing softly outside. It feels as if we are gently being blanketed by a white fluffy swirling cloud. Although it is bitingly cold outside, it only seems cozy inside with my big mug of hot tea, warm sweaters and lovely music playing around the house!
In a hectic lifestyle, such peaceful moments come but seldom and I am trying to get maximum enjoyment out of it all.It makes me rethink about simplifying my life so that peaceful moments are the norm !What say you ?
In Lunch news , we had another good week.


On Monday, LG7 took noodles in a tomato and vegetable sauce, with apple slices and dried fruits and nuts.

On Tuesday, the lunchbox contained toasted peanut butter banana sandwiches, carrot sticks, mixed berries and a homemade blueberry muffin. 

On Wednesday, LG7 requested Mac and Cheese and got it. In addition, he took apple slices and a mini muffin.

On Thursday, lunch consisted of cheese toasts, strawberries and steamed broccoli.

On Friday, I packed pita pizzas, leftover potato fry, berries and a chocolate chip cookie for a treat.

Keep warm and work on increasing the peaceful moments in your life !  

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