Friday, February 14, 2014

The Week in Bentos : Feb 3 - Feb 7

I am getting progressively later and later on my weekly Bento posts ! Do you ever get the feeling that the day just gets away from you sometimes ? I definitely have more time now than I did a few weeks ago, because my younger son LG3 has started attending preschool full time. But even then, the hours seem to fill up with chores and tasks of all sorts ! The only thing left to do, is to allocate times for specific tasks for the entire week and be slightly more organized than I am at the time. I will let you all know how that works out !

On Monday, LG7 got whole wheat noodles with spinach and corn in a light tomato sauce with nutritional yeast, blackberries and a chocolate chip cookie for a treat.

On Tuesday, the lunch box contained sandwiches made with whole wheat bread and avocado filling, one half toasted and one un-toasted  as requested :) , apples and strawberries and a cookie.

On Wednesday,  I packed corn and spinach quesadillas with ketchup (in the small white box), carrot sticks and some cake cubes.

On Thursday,  lunch consisted of toasted peanut butter and apple sandwiches, homemade semolina cake, cantaloupe and strawberries and dried fruits and almonds.

On Friday, I packed lunch in the 2-tier bento box. The bigger container contained spicy vermicelli noodles and the smaller one had apples, strawberries and blackberries.

What are your plans for Valentine's Day ? Although we dont celebrate it in any special way, it is impossible to miss the hype and hoopla surrounding this day all around you ! My children also celebrate it in school and this year I sent cute cards and non-candy treats like tops and stencils.
You dont really need a special day to tell your loved ones or show them that you care, but tell them today anyway !
Have a sweet Valentine's Day !!

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