Friday, February 21, 2014

The Week in Bentos : Feb 10 - Feb 14 2014

Winter seems to be releasing its hold on our area slowly..Its getting warmer day by day and we are definitely looking forward to spring and summer. I need to get some of my seeds started. Although my vegetable garden is by on means on a large scale, I still look forward to all the activities associated with the garden !

I tried a few new things last week in the lunchboxes and they were all pretty successful.
So here goes:

On Monday, I made cheese Uttappa ( savory rice and lentil pancakes) with ketchup, leftover fried potatoes and strawberries.

On Tuesday, I made toasted sandwiches with a savory avocado filling. I also included carrot sticks and orange segments. I am happy that I have been able to wean LG7 slightly from his peanut butter fixation !

On Wednesday, I packed Mac and Cheese in the thermal jar, an oatmeal chocolate chip bar and fresh mixed berries.

On Thursday, it was mixed pasta again in a light butter sauce, with a cutie orange, blackberries and the oatmeal bar for a treat.

On Friday, I made grilled sandwiches with almond butter and apple slices, orange , strawberries and dried fruits and almonds. I added a heart pick as a nod to Valentine's Day !
I attended LG7's class party and thoroughly enjoyed myself, watching LG7 interact with his friends.

Hope you had a wonderful week too !

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