Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Week in Bentos - Jan 21 : Jan 24 2014

This week was a 4 day week on account of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Temperatures here is North Dallas continue to be erratic - rising up to mid 60s one day and then dropping to 18 degrees the next day. Its as if the weather Gods cant decide on what they want !

Here were our lunches for this past week:

On Tuesday, LG7 wanted mac and cheese which he carried in the thermos jar. In the rectangular lock and lock box, he took strawberries and blackberries and chocolate sandwich cookie for a treat.

On Wednesday, I made avocado black bean tortilla wrap bites and peanut butter jelly bites, strawberries and a chocolate mini muffin. I was really really pleased when LG7 came back home and told me that he had eaten all his tortilla bites ! 

On Thursday, I packed a simple rotini pasta with peas - the sauce was a simple butter sauce with nutritional yeast. It tastes cheesy and also supplies essential Vit. B12 ! Win - Win  scenario. I also added blueberries, strawberries and a slice of store bought pannetonne cake .

On Friday, LG7 wanted a grilled cheese sandwich. In addition to that he had strawberries, orange segments, carrots and a chocolate muffin.

Could you tell that we had strawberries on sale in our stores this week ? :-)

Hope you had a great week and here's hoping that you have a wonderful one next week !

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