Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Week in Bentos - Jan 13 : Jan 17 2014

So, I have been very lax about posting my son's lunches here - ever since the winter break, although I have the pictures, I havent posted them on the blog..We had a lovely winter break though, spent time with family and friends, testing new recipes and playing card games with the kids. We also got a table tennis table and have spent some time learning to play !
Now that the second semester of school has begun again, I felt that I should start posting lunches again !

On Monday, I made spicy vermicelli noodles (I make this in the morning because its very quick to whip this up ), apple slices and crunchy cereal as a treat.

On Tuesday, LG7 got tri color penne pasta with vegetable sauce, apple slices and bear shaped cookies.

On Wednesday, the lunchbox had an Elvis sandwich (peanut butter and lots of banana slices on toasted whole wheat bread ! ) , apple slices and crunchy wafers from the local Indian grocery store.

On Thursday, I packed two Ozery Morning rounds, sandwiched with almond butter and grape jelly, carrots and cucumber pickles, strawberries and blackberries. LG7 took a liking to dill pickles after he tasted them at a restaurant !

On Friday, I made cheese toasts (spread whole wheat slices with organic ketchup, sprinkle a fair amount of shredded cheese and toast on a pan until the cheese melts), leftover potato fry and apples and strawberries.

I have been noticing that LG7 brought back his lunch water bottle almost untouched, although he drank all the water from the bottle that he keeps on his desk. I didnt stress too much on this because he does get plenty of water intake and he also consumes 2 cups of dairy on an almost daily basis.
How do you ensure that your child(ren) drinks enough water during the winter ?
Hope you have a great week and do come back for more recipes and lunch box ideas !!

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