Monday, June 02, 2014

The week in Bentos : May 28 - May 31 2014

Here I am again, with a lapse of a few weeks in between. I have noticed that although I religiously click pictures for all of the lunches that I pack for LG7, I don't feel the same compulsion to post them online. I think its because I feel the lack of new and varied recipes or lunch ideas. Thankfully this coming week is the last week of school in my neck of the woods. Summer break is just around the corner ! I have almost 3 months to come up with a plethora of new and exciting lunch recipes and ideas !!

In any case, here were the lunches for last week :

On Tuesday, I packed a simple PB and J sandwich, strawberries with a froggie pick and stir fried potatoes with an airplane pick.

On Wednesday , I made Annie's Mac and Cheese, strawberries and cheese crackers.

On Thursday, I packed LG7 a homemade banana waffle sandwich, raspberries, carrot sticks and store bought crackers.

On Friday, I made a quick pasta dish with peas and nutritional yeast, sliced up some strawberries, added some raspberries, a chocolate chip cookie and some cheese crackers.

That was it for this week, since Monday was a holiday on account of Memorial Day.
Are your children already home for the summer or do you have another week to go ?
Its started getting hotter and hotter here in North Dallas and I am looking forward to bringing out my ice cream maker !
Have a great week !

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