Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Week in Bentos : Apr 21 2014 - Apr 25 2014

The past few weeks have gone by in a blur. Even though each day seems interminable, the weeks themselves seem to run by so fast. This weekend, we headed north to the Eisenhower State park for a short camping trip with close friends and had a really nice time. The pleasure of like minded company, the satiety provided by delicious home cooked food and the serenity afforded by the peaceful green surroundings have recharged us for the weeks ahead !
Here were last week's lunches -

On Monday, lunch was Annie's organic mac and Cheese, steamed broccoli and red grapes.

On Tuesday, LG7 took a peanut butter strawberry jelly sandwich, strawberries, caramel rice cake and a couple of vanilla cream cookies.

On Wednesday, the EasyLunchBox had tri color penne pasta in tomato sauce, apples, carrot slices, potato fry and a couple of pretzel thins. Lesson learned from this lunch is - if you pack hot or warm food with crispy items like pretzel thins, they get soggy when the lid is closed and hence come back uneaten !!

On Thursday, I made spicy vermicelli noodles, apple slices, almonds and raisins and a coconut shortbread cookie.

On Friday, I packed a couple of cheese toasts, apple slices and whole grain crackers spread with peanut butter.

Hope you all have had a great fun filled or relaxing weekend. have a great week ahead and keep packing healthy lunches !


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