Monday, November 04, 2013

The Week in Bentos : Oct 28 - Nov 1 2013

This last weekend, we spent a wonderful 2 days nestled among the picturesque Ozark Mountains in Arkansas. There were 7 families, which meant the kids had a blast !! It was typical fall weather, with a slight bite to the air. The views were stunning, the company was great and we all came back home refreshed !

On Monday, LG7 took savory vermicelli noodles with vegetables, a homemade cinnamon roll and orange segments.

On Tuesday, the lunchbox contained an almond butter and strawberry jelly sandwich bun, apple slices and bear cookies.

On Wednesday, I packed Annie's Organic Mac and Cheese in the food jar, pretzels and a cookie in a silicone muffin cup and orange segments.

On Thursday, lunch consisted of a grilled cheese sandwich, apple slices, carrot sticks and a cookie.

On Friday, LG7 took a couple of cheese and chutney toasts, pretzels, apple slices and blackberries.

The week has begun on a cold and wet note. Hopefully the weather will improve a little over the coming days ! Hope you all have a fabulous week !


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