Sunday, October 20, 2013

This Week in Bentos : Oct 14 - Oct 18

This week was similar to last week in terms of the lunches packed. I do need to get inspired for the coming months..Maybe some soups and toasted homemade bread perhaps ? Definitely something slightly heavier in terms of nourishment and preparations containing warm spices such as cinnamon and ginger!
LG7 had a holiday on Oct 14 on the occasion of Columbus we had only 4 school lunches this week.

LG7 had Annie's Organic Mac and Cheese in the food jar and carrots, strawberries, apples and peanut butter filled celery sticks on Tuesday. He ate only the fruits and a couple of spoonfuls of pasta and brought the remaining home uneaten. When questioned rather sternly, he replied that he couldn't finish his lunch because he was busy playing and talking at the lunch table!!  Does this ever happen at your home ?

On Wednesday, I packed banana nutella bites in a whole wheat tortilla, strawberries, steamed and salted edamame and cheese slices.

On Thursday, an EasyLunchBox contained spinach, corn and cheese quesadillas, strawberries and homemade eggless tea cake.

On Friday, I packed cheese toasts made with whole grain bread, apple slices and a treat.

Have a great week ahead !


  1. Looks very yummy! Sorry missed lots of post. But sure will check more often. Ideas are amazing and quite helpful thanks! Hope kids r having fun with their new lunch boxes and colorful lunches.

    1. Thanks Springbird ! Just an attempt to list what I pack and what is enjoyed so that if ever I get stuck for ideas, I can refer back..if it helps other parents then its even better :)


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